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To the right is a rollover of Chiba Shinichi as Yagyu Jubei from my all time favorite TV show the Yagyu Conspiracy. Here is a link to learn about the historical Yagyu Jubei . Chiba Shinichi played another historical figure Hattori Hanzo in another great TV series called Shadow Warriors.
Some Chiba Shinichi web pages:
Japan Action Enterprise
Viva Chiba
Garden Of A Thousand Leaves - A JJ Sonny Chiba Fan Site
Henshin On Line: Chiba

A table of worldwide ages of consent
Age of consent
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Lily Skloot Moochie Sherlock Dodger Stinger Gemmi
Lily the California Pound Puppy.
She has four doggy cousins: Sherlock of San Francisco; Dodger, Stinger & Gemmi of Los Angeles. One cat cousins: Sunny of Sacramento. She lives with a cat named Moochie & a red eared slider turtle named Skloot.
Lily's Page!
Pet Adoption
Animal Legal Defense Fund
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Gentle Giants Rescue
Pet Connection
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